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The complete Pitching & Throwing Trainer for all  Players, Coaches and Trainers!

The complete Pitching & Throwing Trainer for all
Players, Coaches and Trainers!

Since 1996, the ARM STRONG has been strengthening and protecting the arms of players from the youth leagues to the Pros.  “Throw Faster. Gain Accuracy.  Reduce Injuries.” is not just a slogan but a fact.  Many coaches and parents give credit to the ARM STRONG for the increased velocity and good arm health of their players.  Dr. Phil Donley, an inductee to the N.A.T.A. (National Athletic Trainers Association) Hall of Fame says “the ARM STRONG is the best conditioning and reconditioning device for shoulders of throwers in the past 40 years.”

Every player wants to throw harder with more accuracy, while protecting their arm.  Now they can!  Order the ARM STRONG today. 


Benefits of the Arm Strong vs. the competitors

ARM STRONG Pitching and Throwing Trainer

Competitors:  Ball-on-a-Band

ARM STRONG Pitching and Throwing Trainer


Patented Rotating Ball for Realistic Training,
a Sports-Specific and Natural Throwing Motion,
and Superior Comfort.
Ball affixed to band creates a painful tube rub
in between fingers and locks the wrist which is unnatural
to the throwing motion and creates bad habits.
3 Bands / 7 Resistance Levels to increase with the
Player and to perform various exercises.
Heavy (Black)
Medium (Blue)
Light (Orange)
One resistance level limits the
player from advancing.
Effectively perform 6 proven exercises to strengthen and protect the arm and rotator cuff muscles Partially effective in performing some exercises
Attachments for Indoor and Outdoor Use
for Year Round Training
Only Outdoor Attachment
Summary:  A complete and highly effective
Pitching and Throwing Trainer
Summary:  Painful and limited in effectiveness

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